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Laboratory Freeze Dryer VaCo-Series

The VaCo series is the entry into freeze drying systems and lyophilisers. Thanks to its modular design, the laboratory freeze dryer is perfectly suited for a wide range of tasks in your laboratory. The units are available with either a -50°C condenser or -80°C condenser and can be offered with the following options:

  • Acrylic glass chamber – incl. base plate and gasket
  • Stainless steel chamber – when using organic solvents
  • Aluminium rack – with heated or unheated shelves
  • Drying trays – suitable for the shelves
  • Chamber cover – on request with vacuum connections (NS 29/32)
  • Dry rack – stainless steel, incl. 3-way valve (NS 29/32)
  • Ampoule adapter– to extend the vacuum valve, for 16 ampoules
  • Closing system – For closing vials under vacuum atmosphere
  • Vacuum control – for setting different vacuum values
  • Vacuum pump – as oil-sealed rotary vane pump or chemical hybrid vacuum pump
  • Control – via 4,3″ colour touch display

Laboratory freeze dryer VaCo 5


VaCo 5 with manifold and 12 vacuum connections.

  VaCo 5, -50°C VaCo 5, -80°C
of condenser
Ø 270 x 280 mm Ø 270 x 280 mm
Volume 16 litres 16 litres
of condenser
-50°C -80°C
Ice capacity 5 kg / 24h 5 kg / 24h
Max. ice
8 kg 8 kg
Cooling system one- stage, Refrigerant according to the latest F-Gas regulation two-stage, Refrigerant according to the latest F-Gas regulation
dimensions (wxhxd)
800 x 450 x 580 mm 800 x 450 x 580 mm
Weight of basic unit 60 kg 75 kg
Electical connection 230 V, 50/60 Hz 230 V, 50/60 Hz

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