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  • Brand: Microtrac MRB
  • Product Code: Camsizer P-4
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    Dynamic Image Analysis (DIA)

The software controlled feed chute conveys the sample to the measurement zone, ensuring uniform sample feed and consistent analysis conditions. The particle stream passes an ultra-bright planar LED stroboscopic light source; the resulting shadow projections are captured and evaluated by a camera system. The particles fall freely during analysis, so the procedure is contact-free and non-destructive.

The CAMSIZER P4 particle analyzer provides extremely sharp images and determines a variety of different size and shape parameters for each detected particle. Analysis of hundreds of thousands or even millions of individual particles guarantees results with high statistical reliability. The typical measurement time is only 1 to 3 minutes with 60 images being evaluated per second in real time.


  • Particle size and particle shape analysis from 20 μm to 30 mm without hardware adjustments
  • Broad dynamic range for measuring wide particle size distributions
  • High resolution for narrow mono-modal or multi-modal distributions
  • 100% detection of oversized grains
  • Fully comparable to sieve analysis results
  • A wealth of evaluation options (different size models, a variety of shape parameters, particle library, single frame evaluation, etc.)
  • Outstanding reproducibility
  • Evaluation of 60 images / s in real time
  • Powerful LED light source
  • Virtually maintenance-free

Microtrac MRB’s unique dual camera technology is a landmark in the development of Dynamic Image Analysis (DIA). By simultaneously employing two cameras with different magnifications, extremely wide dynamic measuring ranges are archieved. This is accomplished without hardware adjustments or modifications and without compromising accuracy.

Each camera is specialized for one measuring range. The ZOOM camera analyzes fine particles with highest precision whereas the BASIC camera detects the larger particles with great statistical certainity. A special algorithm combines the information provided by both cameras and delivers the exact size distribution in a possible range of more than three decades!

This arrangement resolves a significant drawback of many image analysis systems that employ only one camera, e. g. microscopes. Such instruments either cannot correctly report the fine particles in wide size distributions, or the large particles are not captured due to the small field of view.



Two cameras operate during measurement: the BASIC camera (red) analyzes the larger particles, the ZOOM camera (blue) captures the small particles. This procedure ensures optimum measurement conditions for all particle sizes in a distribution.


Traditional sieve analysis frequently forms the basis for quality standards and product specifications between suppliers and customers. A rapid and efficient alternative like Microtrac MRB's CAMSIZER systems must take this into account and be able to produce results that are fully comparable.

This is why the CAMSIZER P4 software is provided with algorithms for emulating sieving processes.

In this way many users have been able to replace time-consuming sieve analysis by using the CAMSIZER P4 without having to sacrifice the familiar quality specifications. The automated and wear-free measurement means that the results obtained are more reliable and reproducible over time.


Perfect compliance of sieve analysis and CAMSIZER P4 measurements results for granulated fertilizer


Measuring principle Dynamic Image Analysis (ISO 13322-2)
Measuring range 20 µm - 30 mm
Type of analysis dry analysis of powders, granulates and bulk materials
Measuring time ~ 1 to 3 min (depending on the desired measuring statistics)
Measuring methods 60 images/s, each with more than 1.300,000 pixels (corresponds to more than 78 megapixels per second)
Dimensions (W x H x D) ~ 850 x 650 x 350 mm
Weight (Measuring unit) ~ 40 kg
Operating unit PC including operating system, monitor, keyboard and mouse, network card, evaluation software

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