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  • Brand: Herolab
  • Product Code: Unicen MR
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    Universal High-Speed Centrifuge (refrigerated)

Universal High-Speed Centrifuge (refrigerated)

  • Maximum capacity: 4 x 200 ml
  • 12 angle rotors, 3 swing-out rotors, 1 microhematocrit rotor
  • Speed: 500 – 24,000 rpm, in steps of 100 rpm
  • g-force (RCF): 45,078 x g, in steps equivalent to 100 rpm
  • Maintenance free, brushless induction drive
  • Stainless steel chamber with additional inner guard ring
  • Overspeed detection, imbalance detection and cut-off
  • Motorized lid lock, automatic lid opening, emergency lid lock release

-Maximum Capacity : 4 x 200 ml depends on the purchased rotor
-Maximum Speed : 18,000 rpm
-Max. g-Force/RCF (depending on rotor) : 30,065 x g
-Minimum Speed : > 500 rpm
-Rotor Detection APRITM System = Automatic positive rotor identification
-Program Memory 10 programs
-Display LCD Display for current and preset values
-User Interface Operating panel with buttons and one rotary knob
-Preset Time Up to 60 minutes in steps of 1 min., on request up to 999 min.
-„HOLD“ for longer runs / „PULSE“ for short runs
-Preset Speed From 500 rpm to max. speed in steps of 100 rpm
-Preset g-Force/RCF With increments equivalent to 100 rpm
-Drive System Direct self-centering drive system with brushless induction motor
-Speed Accuracy ± 2 rpm at 1,000 rpm / ± 20 rpm at max. speed
-Acceleration Time (depending on rotor) 30 sec. – 1.5 min.
-Deceleration Time (depending on rotor) 40 sec. – 2.5 min.
-Acceleration/Deceleration Rates 9 Ramps in steps of 15 sec. 
 from 0 to 120 sec.  in the range of 0 – 1.000 rpm
-Braking System Dynamic electric brake system – Acoustic Signal 
 at the end of run
-Temperature Set Range :  -10°C to +40°C in step of 1 o C
-Cooling at Standstill  :  YES
-Temperature Control Accuracy : . ±2°C on calibrated rotor
-Temperature Control System :  Bypass System
-Overtemperature Protection : YES
-Refrigeration System : CFC-free refrigerant
-Safety Features
Overspeed detection
Imbalance detection and cut-off
Four point lid fixing
Automatic motor driven lid lock with emergency lid lock release
Stainless steel chamber with additional inner guard ring
-Voltage : 220 Volts 50 Hz

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