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    SS High Pressure Digestion Vessels

The pressure vessels DAB-2, DAB-3 and DAB-3 XXL have a wide range of applications. They can be used ideally for digestions of big sample amounts or inhomogeneous samples, like soil or milk powder. Furthermore, they are often used for solvothermal synthesis or for material tests like aging tests.

The DAB-2, DAB-3 and DAB-3 XXL pressure vessels convince by an easy handling and can be operated using one hand only. In addition, an opening station is available. By the use of this station, opening the pressure vessels becomes eve

DAB Mounting Tools

For an easy handling

For an easy and save closing and opening of the DAB pressure vessels, a set of mounting tools is available. It consists of a mounting base plate and a torque wrench with plug-in nut (hexagonal). The mounting base plate serves to fix the pressure vessels. The plug lifts the mobile base plate of the pressure vessel for ejection of the PTFE-insert.

Berghof DAB Mounting Tools


DAH Heating Block

For an even and controlled heating of DAB vessels

DAH heating block with a heating ring and coated stainless steel safety hood as well as an integrated over-heat protection for DAB-2, DAB-3 and DAB-3 XXL pressure vessels. Temperature regulation between 50 °C and 320 °C. Maximum user safety through insulation and cladding. Depending on the combination of pressure vessel and heating block between two and twelve vessels can be heated up at the same time.

BTC-3000 Temperature Controller

For controlled heating processes

Using the BTC-3000, heating processes for the Berghof reactors and pressure digestion vessels can be controlled and monitored. Thanks to a clear-structured control panel, programming of the temperature control unit is easy and intuitive. The BTC-3000 cannot only control temperatures, but offers a pressure monitoring, as well. In case of uncontrolled increase in pressure, the BTC-3000 regulates the experiment automatically.

Berghof temperature controller BTC-3000


Range of Applications

Food & feed

  • Digestion of inhomogeneous samples (big amounts)

Environment & geology

  • Digestion of soil


  • Digestion of difficult to digest samples
  • Solvothermal synthesis
  • Material testing like aging tests

Technical Specifications: DAB-2/3/3XXL





General information Material Stainless Steel 316Ti (1.4571) in combination with TFM™-PTFE
  Temperature max. 250° C 250° C 250° C
  Pressure max. 200 bar 200 bar 200 bar
Reactor vessel Inner diameter 39 mm 74 mm 74 mm
  Inner height 180 mm 183 mm 264 mm
TFM™-PTFE Insert (integrated) Volume

approx. 25 ml /

approx. 50 ml

approx. 150 ml /

approx. 210 ml

approx. 420 ml
  Inner diameter 18 mm / 24 mm 44 mm / 53 mm 55 mm
  Inner height 108 mm / 108 mm 90 mm / 97 mm 176 mm
Armatures Standard armatures Rupture Disc
Heating systems (optional) Hot block v v v

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