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    Multiplexed Large Animal Respirometry System


  • High-resolution, versatile configuration
  • Results can be validated against known standards
  • Designed for use with a variety of chamber volumes, hood boxes or masks
  • Optional bench-top or rack mounted configurations
  • Elimination of CO2 and H20 scrubbing from the analyzer stream

Sable Systems Classic Line solution for large animal respirometry provides to both researcher and animal the advantage of high-volume flow rates, variable flow options and quiet flow equipment. Automated multiplexing routes the sample gas stream from a room, head-box or mask to the analysis path. Relative humidity is monitored in both incurrent and ex-current air streams, allowing mathematical compensation for water vapor dilution. This eliminates scrubbing of CO2 and H20 from the analyzer stream – a significant advantage with large chamber volumes.

Key Components*

  • 500 L Flow Generator
  • Fixed Rate Pressure Pump
  • Eight Channel Respirometer Multiplexer
  • Analog Signal Multiplexer Accessory
  • External Subsampling Manifold (8-channel)
  • Gas Subsampler/Pump/Mass Flow Meter
  • Relative Humidity/Dewpoint/Water Vapor Pressure Meter
  • Carbon Dioxide Analyzer
  • Fuel Cell Oxygen Analyzer
  • Eight Channel, 16-bit Data Acquisition Interface
  • Accessory Kit for Respirometry for use with Flowkit Based Systems using 0.25″ or Larger Hose
  • Data Acquisition and Analysis Software

Optional Components*

  • Methane Analyzer
  • Thermocouple Meter

*Quantity of individual components will vary, depending upon your sample size and/or number of cages.

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