AST analysis and microbial identification

by Admin

Posted on 2021-01-15 01:53:31

ChromaZona is an IVD certified instrument for automated antibiotic susceptibility testing and microbial ID, designed for speeding up testing in the clinical laboratory.

Working to EUCAST and CLSI guidelines, the system's sensitive CCD camera, unique three channel lighting and powerful Chromogenic ID software, microbial species on chromogenic plates can be identified in seconds. Then by accurately analysing zones around antibiotic discs and MIC strips using ChromaZona's eAST software, appropriate antibiotics to treat the infection can be determined.

ChromaZona can be easily connected to a LIMS system or, if preferred, reports can be generated and stored in Excel, eliminating data transfer errors as well as providing the user with fully traceable information and reports. The stored results can be analysed at any time and used to identify and monitor incidence of bacterial resistance, helping to improve infection control.

ChromaZona is suitable for use in a CFR Part 11 environment.


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