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    Tuoch-Screen Gas Chromatography

> Fastest Oven Heating/Cooling Rate
> Proprietary Digital Flow Control with bestinclass Performance
> HighSpeed Acquisition (300 pt/sec all detectors)
> Multiple Injectors and Detectors
> Up to 3 Injectors and 3 Detectors installed simultaneously
> Suited for Narrow bore GC Columns (>50 um i.d.)

Master GC
Nowadays, the enormous growth of the number of samples to be analyzed per day is challenging the laboratories
worldwide. Hence, the more stringent analytical requirements demand to speed up the gas chromatographic

The MASTER GC delivers unsurpassed analytical capabilities meeting today’s laboratories productivity
requirements. The versatile and flexible MASTER GC is uniquely designed to perform conventional and fast gas
chromatographic analyses fulfilling the demands of routine and research analyses over a variety of industries and
applications such as environmental, agriculture, food and beverage, flavor and fragrance, petrochemical,
and pharmaceuticals among others.
The system can be equipped with an array of inlet systems and a wide selection of detectors, suitable for
conventional and Fast GC analyses. The system integrates leading edge technology with total system control
delivering outstanding reliability, repeatability, and performance.
In combination with the MASTER AS Liquid Autosampler, the MASTER GC offers complete automation of all
operation steps, providing increased sample throughput and optimized vial processing to achieve maximum system
productivity. The analytical precision is further increased through an extremely flexible handling of standard
A touchscreen display permits the total control of the MASTER GC and MASTER AS, providing also the quick and
easy set up of all operating parameters. Moreover, the system can be fully controlled by the simple and effective
ClarityTM Chromatography Station, starting from sampling to acquisition, data processing, and reporting.

Split / Splitless Injector SL/IN
The most popular GC injector features an outstanding design and thanks to the patented DFC provides excellent mode is a valuable costsaving feature. TU fulfill the user’s analytical needs a series of liner types are available, including liners suitable for SPME analysis.

Programmable Temperature Vaporizer PTV
The proprietary PTV is particularly suggested when high sample integrity is requested. The sample is introduced by cold injection followed by vaporization eliminating possible sample discrimination or degradation.
The PTV achieves extremely fast heating rates of up to 1,000 °C/min and rapid cool down with ambient air.
Cryogenic cooling options using either CO2 or N2 are also available for highly specific applications.

Flame Ionization Detector FID
The most used GC detection system measures the ions produced by organic compounds during combustion. It is extremely sensitive with a wide dynamic range of seven orders of magnitude.

Thermal Conductivity Detector TCD
Most of the early GC instruments were equipped with thermal conductivity detectors. They have remained popular, particularly for packed columns and inorganic analyses like H2O, CO, CO2, H2 and all inert gases.

Electron Capture Detector ECD
The first option for environmental measurements, offers excellent performance in the determination of PCBs, pesticides, and other halogenated organic compounds.

Detector NPD
Due to its selective and sensitive response to nitrogen and/or phosphorous containing compounds, the system is commonly used to detect pesticides, herbicides, and drugs of abuse.

Flame Photometric Detector FPD
Selectively detects compounds containing sulfur or phosphorous. Outstanding performances can be observed in the analysis of sulfur compounds in natural gas and organophosphorus pesticides in agriculture, food flavor and fragrance applications.

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