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    Gas Chromatography

The system allows to easily move from a minimal to a very
complicated configuration with minor changes and at very
reduced costs.
The oven is extremely spacious and easily accessible and
contains many columns allowing for complex analytical
All parameters can be controlled by a powerful internal
microprocessor thereby guaranteeing total accuracy and
repeatability of timing and temperatures.
Electronic gas regulation, for both injectors and detectors,
allows to include in the method timing, temperatures and all
gas flow rates. Just recall the method previously stored to
reproduce, from time to time and on different instruments,
retention times and sensitivity with the utmost accuracy.
The instrument also provides constant column flow rate
operation to improve analysis results, whilst preserving the
analytical column.

DANI GC1000 offers a complete range of injectors, all
equipped with electronic pressure control, which allow an
accurate injection of all samples in packed or capillary
DANI not only provides traditional split/splitless and packed
column injectors, but also the programmable temperature
injector PTV.
Thanks to cold injection of the sample, the PTV solves all
problems of discrimination of complex mixture as well as the
treatment of thermally labile compounds.
DANI PTV also combines the best repeatability and accuracy
injection with easy-to-use together with all advantages of
the traditional split/splitless injector.
Solvent split, large volume, and sample focusing injections
and the compatibility with SPME technique, make the DANI
PTV a universal injector.

Gas sampling valves, methanizers, auxiliary ovens and other
special devices, make DANI GC1000 the most suitable gas
chromatograph for the development of complex analytical
systems in a wide range of applications from petrochemical
to environmental field.
Qualified staff provide total solutions including customised
systems, technical support, customer care and trainings.

DANI GC1000 has a full range of detectors for different
FID - Flame Ionisation Detector
ECD - Electron Capture Detector
NPD - Nitrogen Phosphorous Detector
TCD e micro TCD - Thermal Conductivity Detector
PID - Photoionisation Detector
FPD - Flame Photometric Detector

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