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    Endotoxin Detection System

Toxinometer® ET-7000

  • Supports "the Bacterial Endotoxin Test" in the United States / European / Japanese Pharmacopoeias.
  • For use in Kinetic-Turbidimetric, Kinetic-Chromogenic, and Gel-Clot assays.
  • Can be controlled and analyzed with the dedicated software "Toximaster® QC" form Windows® PC.
  • Conforms to the international certification standards for C-UL (CSA) and CE.
  • Systems comply with the FDA21 CFR Part 11 are also available.


Product Profile

The Toxinometer® ET-7000 is a computer-operated kinetic incubating tube reader, which is exceptionally user-friendly and easily expandable. Depending on the number of samples to be processed, our state of the art expansion modules can be connected to allow for endotoxin testing in a wide range of fields and sample quantities. The temperature setting can be switched between 30 and 37 ?, facilitating (1 → 3)-β-D-glucan and peptidoglycan test for research projects.



  • A single assay module can simultaneously measure up to 16 samples
  • Up to 8 measurement modules can be connected to the unit to enable simultaneous measurement of 128 samples.
  • The Toxinometer® can test using both multi test and single test reagents


Main Specification

  • Light source : High intensity blue LED (Central wavelength: 430 nm)
  • Temperature control : 30/37 ?(Set using the software)
  • Measurement time : Max. 200 min

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