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    Faxt Extractions Apparatus 6 x 30 mL with Thimbles

Complete compact extraction system with base, heating device, holder, hoses and glass apparatus (reaction flask, extractor, Dimroth cooler for extraction). Stepless heating control. The compact system directs the solvent directly into the storage bottle after the extraction cycle via an outlet tap on the extractor.

Including sample pack extraction tubes and boiling stones.

The apparatus for the Soxhlet extraction meets the most varied laboratory requirements. 

  • Practical brackets for the cooler and extractor for safe storage between extractions
  • Extractor sizes of 30 ml
  • Cooler with screw connections

With the behr hydrolysis units the acid digestion is also possible before the extraction (determination of the total fat content according to Weibull and Stoldt).

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