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    Faxt Extractions Apparatus 6 x 250 mL with Thimbles

Behrotest® series extraction units are the economical and user-friendly solution for the classic 

Soxhlet or fat extraction: 

  • Complete with reaction vessels, extraction adapters and coolers
  • Energy for each sample site
  • Cooling water distribution strip ensures uniform cooling at all sample points
  • Extractors with a specially developed lifting tube (type "Bröckerhoff") guarantee uniform results at all sample locations
  • Practical cooler shut-off strip for the safe storage of the coolers between the extractions
  • Holders for the safe collection of the extraction intermediate pieces after removal of the sample containers
  • S-models: extractors with tap eliminates the additional distillation after extraction

With the behr hydrolysis units (6 sampling stations) the acid digestion is also possible before the extraction (determination of the total fat content according to Weibull and Stoldt).

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