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  • Brand: membraPure GmbH
  • Product Code: Aquinity 2 P10
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    Ultra pure water purifications

Aquinity² models produce ultrapure water directly from municipal or potable tap water. In the next step Type I grade water is produced with a polisher cartridge.
The Aquinity² P10 model is ideal for laboratories with a limited daily need for ultrapure water.


  • Permeate rate: 8 l/h
  • Resistivity: 18.2 MOhm x cm
  • Reservoir: 10 l
  • Flow Rate UPW: 1.5 l/min
  • TOC:
    < 10 ppb (Reagent)
    < 1 ppb (Analytical with UV)



  • Compact housing
  • Big touchscreen
  • Remote service module
  • Menus and wizards easy to use and mistake avoiding
  • New fixed and flexible dispenser
  • Easy access for cartridge exchange



Water has to be of the highest purity to detect traces of substances in analytic processes. With the upgrade option, all components are made of unfilled material. Tubing material is PTFE for minimal adhesion. Dead spaces are avoided and the recirculation pump is made of PEEK and stainless steel. The tap valve material is PVDF.


Our new automatic memTap allows the volumetric controlled tapping of water with a dispenser arm. The arm can be moved horizontally and vertically. Tap volume is preset in 0.1l steps. This system prevents containers overflowing and allows water to be tapped without supervision. The 3.5” display with touchscreen provides all relevant data at a glance.

membraPure Reinstwassersysteme


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